Phu Quoc Island Nightlife

What to Do at Night on Phu Quoc Island

Night time in Phu Quoc is as relaxed as any other, the whole island is a place to just chill out and enjoy the scenery and after dark is no exception – the hypnotic lights from the squid boats at sea are so numerous they look like a galaxy.

Nightlife invariably follows this pattern; cocktails at sunset, dinner at a beachside restaurant followed by a few drinks at a beach bar. It gets no more complicated than that. 

Ahoy Club

Located in Charm Resort this is the closest to a night club there is in Phu Quoc. It's a good venue, however it often lacks enough people to create any atmosphere, as the island receives most tourists this is sure to become a popular hangout. 

Eden Bar

Another fairly popular beach bar a little further south along Long Beach, open late. 

Pho Bo Café

The upper storey overlooks the Dinh Cau Rock temple and lighthouse, it's a nice spot in town to have some drinks while watching the sunset. You can have a closer look at the temple afterwards. 

Rainbow Bar

The quintessential beach bar, complete with thatched roof and sand underfoot. This is 'the' place to hang out in Phu Quoc. The owner is French which means he understands the need for drinks to be kept cold in the warm climate, this also guarantees a decent wine list and that the bottles have been stored properly. Popular with divers, expect 'the vis' to be one of the main topics of conversation. 


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