Phu Quoc Island Restaurants

Where and What to Eat on Phu Quoc Island

The menu and quality (good) of the food on Phu Quoc remains the same almost regardless of where you eat, only the surroundings change and restaurants are priced according to the surroundings and decor.

Cheap local restaurants with plastic chairs are at one end of the spectrum serving similar fare to the nicely designed and more expensive resort restaurants at the other end. Beaches and the sea is a common backdrop.

There isn't really and top end dining yet, but no doubt it's on the way. 

An Thai Café

This well known chain has branches all over Vietnam, the Phu Quoc branch is located in An Thoi with a nice view over the beach. A great place for sunset cocktails. Dinner is the most popular meal here although it's also open for breakfast and lunch. Dishes are Vietnamese, with the focus on seafood, and western favourites. An Thai Café is also a good place for some drinks, reassuringly it stays open until the last guests have left. 


Buddy Ice Cream & Info Café

Something a little different. Great ice cream and shakes served by warm and friendly staff. Near the market in Duong Dong. 

Neptune Seafood Restaurant & La Terrace BBQ

Sasco Blue Lagoon Resort has a few restaurants that offer slightly higher class dining than the majority of establishments on Phu Quoc. Seafood, Vietnamese and International cuisine. 

Tropicana Resort Restaurant

Dining on a lovely beachfront terrace a few kilometres south of Duong Dong Town. Sound of the waves in the background… perfect. 

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