Hanoi Hotels

Where to Stay in Hanoi

Hanoi Hotels

A focal point of the city, Hoan Kiem Lake is a popular area where locals gather to meet, practise tai chi, and drink tea. It's where you'll find festivals, evening romance and the mystical Ngoc Son Temple, located in the centre of the lake on an island. It's also the location of the old city and still exudes an ambiance of times gone by. The Pho Co or 36 streets originally designated to 36 trade guilds, remain. Many of the guilds have left but brisk trading is still done among the locals and tourists along streets like Hang Dao, better known as " street of silk " and Hang Quat (Street of Fans) selling Buddhist relics. 

Current Hot Deals in Hanoi

Deal of the Month
Pullman Hanoi Previously Hanoi Horison
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Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi
Weekend Promotion
US$ 90
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Nikko Hotel Hanoi
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Sheraton Hanoi Hotel
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Ba Dinh District Hotels

Anise Hotel  
Hanoi Daewoo Hotel  
Flower Garden Hotel  
Royal Gate Hotel  
Demantoid II Hotel  
Lake Side Hotel  
Moonview Hotel 1  
Moonview Hotel 2  
Anh Hotel  
Delight Hotel Hanoi  
Khan Quang Do Hotel  
Bella Vita Hotel  
Rose Garden Residences  
Skylark Hotel  
Zen hotel  
Lotus Inn  
Blue 29 Hotel Giang Vo  
Aroma Hotel  
Apec Hotel 1  
Sand Serviced Apartment  
Oasis Hanoi Hotel  
Apec Hotel 2  

City Center Hotels

Splendid Star Classic Hotel  
Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi  
Melia Hanoi  
Gia Bao Hotel  
Fraser Suites Hanoi  
Eden Hotel - formerly Ariva Eden Hanoi Hotel  
Somerset Grand Hanoi  
May de Ville City Center  
Asian Ruby Hotel Hanoi  
Sofitel Plaza Hanoi  
Prince II Hotel  
Santa Hotel  
Hanoi View Hotel  
Hanoi Impressive Hotel  
Silver Boutique Hotel  
Regal Hotel Hanoi I  
Regal Hotel Hanoi II  
Crowne Plaza West Hanoi  
Maidza Hotel  
Fortuna Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Happy Hotel  
Sheraton Hanoi Hotel  
Hanoi Hotel  
Sunway Hotel Hanoi  
Moevenpick Hotel Hanoi  
Hong Ngoc Tonkin Hotel  
Hanoi Heritage Hotel  
New Star Hotel Hanoi  
Hoan Kiem Lake Hotel  
Prince Hanoi Hotel  
Hong Ngoc Cochinchine Hotel  
Prince Hotel - Hanoi  
Asean International Hanoi Hotel  
Golden Lotus Hanoi Hotels  
Perfect Hotel  
Esalen Hotel  
Ping Hotel  
Hanoi Larosa Hotel  
Church Boutique Hotel Nha Tho  
Conifer Boutique Hotel  
Angel Palace Hotel  
Golden Spring Hotel  
Hanoi Silver Hotel 88  
Mercure Hanoi La Gare  
Hanoi Advisor Hotel  
Intercontinental Hanoi West Lake  
Hanoi Windy Hotel  
Hanoi Lake View Hotel  
Rosaliza Hotel Hanoi  
Flower Hotel Hanoi  
Finnegans Hotel  
Duy Anh Hotel  
Nikko Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Paradise Hotel  
Hanoi Hibiscus Hotel  
Rising Dragon Hotel  
Flamingo Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Pacific Hotel  
Pullman Hanoi Previously Hanoi Horison  
Somerset West Lake  
Somerset Hoa Binh  
Van Mieu 1 Hotel  
Muong Thanh Ha Noi  
Santa Hanoi Hotel 2  
May de Ville City Centre 2  
Mystery Hotel Hanoi - 5 star luxury hotel in city center  

Ha Noi Station Hotels

Eastin Easy GTC Hanoi  
Senses Hotel  
Trang An Plaza 2  

Hoan Kiem District Hotels

Hanoi Asia Hotel  
Eternity Hotel  
Nam Ngu Hotel  
Hanoi Old Quarter Hotel  
Hanoi Venus Hotel  
Hanoi Victor Hotel  
Mango Hotel Hanoi  
Camellia Hotel Pho Hue  
Hong Ha Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Romance Hotel  
Calypso Grand Hotel  
Golden Rice Hotel  
Hanoi Pearl Hotel  
Hanoi Elizabeth Hotel  
Tra My Hotel  

Noi Bai Airport Hotels

Phuong Dong Airport Hotel  
Hong Ha Hotel Noi Bai  
Avi Airport Hotel  

Old Quarter Hotels

Hoabinh Palace Hotel Hanoi  
Paramount Hanoi Hotel  
Camel City 2 Hotel  
Maison D Hanoi Hanova Hotel  
Hanoi Serenity Hotel  
Holiday Gold Hotel  
An Hung Hotel - formerly A&Em Hotel Ha Noi  
Indochina Legend Hotel  
Indochina Queen II Hotel  
Hanoi Luxury Hotel  
Hanoi Boutique Hotel 1  
Royal Palace Hotel Hanoi  
Indochina Gold Hotel  
Hanoi Lucky I Hotel  
Camellia 5 Hotel  
Hanoi Lucky II Hotel  
Lucky Hotel 2  
Hanoi Charming Hotel  
La Dolce Vita Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Asia Star Hotel  
Hanoi Eclipse Hotel  
Splendid Jupiter Hotel  
Gia Bao Grand Hotel  
La Belle Vie Hotel  
Lucky Hotel 1  
Lucky Hotel 3  
Hanoi New Century Hotel  
Hanoi Rose Hotel  
Hanoi Grand Hotel  
Vega Hotel  
Marigold Hotel Hanoi  
May De Ville Old Quarter II Hotel  
Quoc Hoa Hotel  
Golden Wings II Hotel  
Hanoi Symphony Hotel  
Old Street Hotel  
Boss Hanoi Hotel  
Golden Silk Boutique Hotel  
Hanoi Charming 2 Hotel  
Joy Journey Hotel  
Hanoi Amanda Hotel  
Hanoi Royal View Hotel  
Hanoi Imperial Hotel  
May De Ville Old Quarter Hotel  
Silk Path Hotel  
Morning Star Hanoi  
The Time Hotel  
Hanoi A1 Hotel  
Hong Ngoc Dynastie Hotel  
Hong Ngoc Annam Hotel  
Serenade Hotel  
Gia Thinh Hotel  
Hanoi Street Hotel  
Thang Long Hotel Hanoi  
Prince 78 Hotel  
Hanoi Royal 2 Hotel  
Golden Lake Hotel  
Trung Nam Hai Hotel  
Hanoi Emerald Hotel  
Golden Wings Hotel  
Prestige Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Sunshine Suites  
Jewel of the Bay  
Hanoi View 2 Hotel  
Thaison Grand Hotel  
Thaison Palace hotel  
New Vision Hotel  
Hanoi Holiday Silver Hotel  
Hanoi Style Hotel  
Hotel Thang Long Espana  
Asia Paradise hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi First Choice hotel  
Hanoi Harmony Hotel  
Hanoi Value Hotel  
Twins hotel  
The Landmark Hanoi Hotel  
Prince I Hotel  
Aranya Hotel  
Asian Legend Hotel  
Hanoi Emperor Hotel  
Celia Hotel  
Golden River Hanoi Hotel  
Hanoi Sans Souci IV Hotel  
Hanoi Titanic Hotel  
Camellia 3 Hotel  
Camellia 6 hotel  
Authentic Hanoi Hotel  
Holiday Park Hotel  
Joseph s Hotel  
Hotel Du Centre Ville  
Au Coeur D Hanoi Boutique Hotel  
Hanoi Allura Hotel  
Time Boutique Hotel  
Hanoi Liberty Hotel  
Green Diamond Hotel  
Hanoi Legacy Hotel - Hang Bac  
First Eden Hotel  
Hanoi Classic Street Hotel  
Hanoi Graceful Hotel  
Au Lac Hanoi Hotel  
Hanoi City Palace Hotel  
Wild Lotus Hotel - Hang Be  
Golden Cyclo Hotel  
Hanoi Evergreen Hotel  
Golden Lotus Luxury Hotel  
Hanoi Sweet Home Hotel  
Camellia 4 Hotel  
Hanoi Stars Hotel  
Hanoi Ngoc Mai hotel 1  
Hanoi Ngoc Mai hotel 2  
Hanoi Home Hotel  
Hanoi Apple hotel  
Golden Legend Hotel  
Real Vietnam Hotel  
Hanoi Golden River Hotel  
Hanoi Sports Hotel  
Hanoi Bao Khanh Hotel  
Hanoi Holiday Diamond Hotel  
Hanoi Sky Hotel  
Hanoi Royal Palace Hotel 2  
A25 Luong Ngoc Quyen Hotel  
Tran Hotel  
Hanoi Blue Moon Hotel  
Hanoi New Hotel  
Paradise Boutique Hotel - formerly Hanoi Paradise Hang Bac Hotel  
Essence Hanoi Hotel  
Friendly Hotel - Ma May  
Splendid Star Grand Hotel  
Nam Hai hotel  
Church Boutique Hotel Hang Ca  
Tirant Hotel  
Nhat Tien hotel  
Church Boutique Hotel Hang Gai  
Prince V Hotel  
Santa Barbara Boutique Hotel & Spa  
Hanoi Aurora Hotel  
Mai Charming Boutique Hotel Hanoi  
Hanoi Marriotte Hotel  
Hanoi Emotion Hotel  
Green Hanoi Hotel  
Vietface Hotel  
Golden Vine Hotel  
Hanoi Hostel Hang Ma  
Hanoi Hostel Hang Vai  
Hanoi Serene Hotel  
Luminous Viet Hotel  
Ngoc Diep Asia Hotel  
M Hostel  
Bluebell Hotel Hanoi  
Old Quarter Cyclo Hotel  
Hanoi Triumphal Hotel  
B&B Hanoi Hostel  
Hanoi Elite Hotel  
Splendid Star Suite Hotel  
New Hanoi Hotel  
Calypso Legend Hotel  
Hanoi Dylan Hotel  
Discovery Hotel  
Hanoi Legacy Hotel - Bat Su  
Hanoi Memory Hotel  
A25 Hotel Doi Can  
A25 Hotel Giang Vo  
A25 Hotel Hang Non  
A25 Hotel Hang Thiec  
A25 Hotel Hoang Quoc Viet  
A25 Hotel Thanh Nhan  
A25 Hotel New Asean  
A25 Hotel Chau Long  
A25 Hotel Hai Yen  
A25 Hotel Nguyen Truong To  
A25 Asean Hotel  
A25 Hotel - Lien Tri  
A25 Hotel Mai Hac De  
A25 Hotel Tue Tinh  
Medallion Hanoi Hotel  
Hanoi Central Hotel  
Hoang Ngoc 1 Hotel  
Hanoi Friendly Hotel  
Prince Hotel  
Lan Vien Hotel  
Hidden Charm Hotel  
Hanoi Elegance Diamond - previous Hanoi Elegance 5  
Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel  
Artisan Boutique Hotel  
Mai Hotel Hanoi  
Maison D Hanoi Boutique Hotel  
The Jasmine Hotel  
Hanoi Cozy 2 Hotel  
Golden Sun Lakeview Hotel  
Rising Dragon Grand Hotel  
Rising Dragon Cathedral Hotel  
Rising Dragon Legend Hotel  
Rising Dragon Palace Hotel  
Hanoi Golden Plaza Hotel  
Hanoi Boutique Hotel 2  
Joseph s Hang Da Hotel  
Thang Long 2 Hotel Hanoi  
Hotel de lOpera Hanoi - MGallery Collection - WCON  
Hanoi Posh  
Vista Hotel Hanoi  
Sen Hotel Hanoi  
Pearl Suites Hanoi Hotel  
Splendid Star Boutique Hotel  
The Little Hanoi Hotel  
Camel City hotel  
Hanoi Beautiful Hotel  
Pan Hotel  
Lantern Hanoi Hotel  

Other Districts Hotels

Sunny Hotel Hanoi II  
Sunny Hotel Hanoi III  
Hoa Lam Hotel Hanoi  
Tan Da Spa Resort  
Smart Hotel 2  
Van Mieu 2 Hotel  
Van Minh Resort  
Sen Hotel 2  
Times Hotel  
New Hotel Long Bien  
Queen Place Hotel  
Lenid Hanoi Hotel  
Nhat Minh Hotel  
Muong Thanh Xa La Hotel  
Riverside Hanoi Hotel  
Calvin Hotel  
Asean Resort & Spa  
Ho Giam Hotel  
Dai Loi Hotel  
Mai Villa Thanh Cong  
Kim Hotel Hanoi  
Garco Dragon Hotel  
Nhat Ha Hotel - Hoang Quoc Viet  
Smart Hotel 1  
Phu Nhuan 3 Hotel  
Phu Nhuan New Hotel  
Yen Bai Resort  

Tay Ho District Hotels

Sunset Westlake Hanoi Hotel  
Hanoi Paloma Hotel  
Huyen Chau Hotel  
The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences  
Wild Lotus Hanoi Hotel  
Bac Do Hotel  
Trang An Plaza 1  
Au Co Hotel  


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