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Da Nang has a monsoon tropical climate and enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year. Though it does cool down from December through February, it is unlikely visitors will ever need to wear more than one layer of clothing any time of year in Da Nang.

Best Time to Come

The best time to visit Da Nang is from February to May, when the skies are sunnier and humidity levels lower. The summer months of June through August can get uncomfortably hot and sticky with temperatures of 33-34°C. It can also get crowded during these months since this is the time of year that sees a lot of domestic travel.

If you're visiting in the months of September to December expect to see a lot of rain (500-1000mm per month), so be sure to pack an umbrella.


Da Nang has a long wet season from May to January and a dry season from February to April. With annual rainfall levels of 2,500 millimetres, there is likely to be some rain during your visit but for most of the year the rain comes in short bursts so it is not likely to affect your travels.

Da Nang, just north of the equator on Vietnam's south central coast, has temperatures averaging 26°C year round, with its hottest months in June to August. December to February is the coolest period, with average temperatures of 18-23°C.


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