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What to See in Da Nang

Da Nang’s west-coast location makes for beautiful sunsets, a holiday-like atmosphere and good, safe swimming from May to August. Da Nang is home to four museums – two of which are dedicated to last century’s military conflicts and one entirely to ‘Uncle Ho’ – a replica of Ho Chi Minh’s house.

The Cao Dai Temple and Da Nang Cathedral are religious-themed attractions worthy of a visit while the nearby Marble Mountains will fascinate visitors with their many limestone caves used as both hideouts and places of worship. Finally the Hai Van Pass – the highest in the country – is not to be missed.

Most Popular Attractions in Da Nang

Cao Dai Temple Cao Dai Temple

The Cao Dai Temple was finished in 1955 when the Cao Dai Army was formed. Caodaists believe that all religions are ultimately the same.  Read More...

China Beach (My Khe beach) China Beach (My Khe beach)

Considered to be Vietnam's most picturesque beach, the white sandy 20-mile stretch of China Beach was named by the American troops who visited during the Vietnam War for R&R. Read More...

Marble Mountains Marble Mountains

A cluster of five hills made from limestone and marble, Marble Mountains are a well-known pilgrimage site with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples all just waiting to be discovered. Read More...

Museum of Cham Sculpture Museum of Cham Sculpture

With their roots dating back as far as 192 AD, Vietnam's indigenous Cham people lived an Indian way of life in both culture and language. The Cham Museum in Danang is dedicated to this period. Read More...


Other Attractions in Da Nang

Beautiful Beaches in Da Nang

The sea is good for swimming all year round but especially in summer from May to August because of the mild waves, the water temperature and the beach guard team that works from 05:00 to 20:00 every day to ensure tourist safety. Other activities here are fishing, water-skiing, diving and yachting. Most beaches are easily accessible including the famous beach used by American soldiers as a RR base, China Beach (or My Khe Beach).

This is a long strand with excellent views of the nearby Marble Mountains. Nam O Beach which is 17 kilometers northwest of Danang offers environmental boat rides to places like Hoa Bac and Hoa Bang. My Khe Beach is very popular among natives and tourists alike and offers many outdoor activities as well as featuring many hotels and restaurants. 

Danang Cathedral

Known to locals as 'Con Ga' Church (Rooster Church) because of the weathercock on top of its steeple, the candy-pink Danang Cathedral was built for the city's French residents in 1923. Today it serves a Catholic community of 4,000 and it's standing room only at High Mass. Mass is held from Monday to Saturday at 05:00 and at 17:30 and on Sunday at 05:00, 06:15, 07:30, 15:30 and at 17:00 

Hai Van Pass

This is the highest pass in Vietnam, situated about 1,500km above sea level. The name translates as 'pass of the ocean cloud' and it is a truly beautiful place. From the peak of the pass you can see Danang City, Tien Sa Port, Son Tra Peninsula and the sea. 

Museums in Da Nang

Historical Museum

The Historical Museum located on Le Duan Street displays hallmarks of the city's construction and defense over the ages, especially in the wars against the French and the Americans. The museum is where stories and legends about Danang through years of struggle and construction are recounted. This is a long history about their living, told through normal daily tools, folksongs and words of the Quang people.

Ho Chi Minh Museum

The museum features a replica of President Ho’s home in Hanoi with a fishpond, a house on stilts, its garden and other relics. It's all very genuine and feels as though 'Uncle Ho' is still there.

The Museum of the Fifth Military Zone Danang

The Museum of the Fifth Military Zone Danang city has a lot of large war equipment such as aircrafts and tanks that were captured in the French and American wars by the soldiers of the Fifth Military Division. There are also a lot of photographs and articles documenting the two wars.

Address: 1 Duy Tan Street
Tel: +84 (511) 624 014

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