Myanmar Activities

What to Do in Myanmar

Myanmar is not a typical tourist destination and doesn't feature dozens of amusement parks, organised trekking and the usual activities list. Still, it's a very interesting place to visit on an entirely different plane and places like Inle Lake are quietly but firmly impressive in their own right. Discover a new culture and open your eyes to the charms of Myanmar.

Bagan Activities Bagan Activities

Bagan is known as a frequently visited tourist destination in Myanmar and the ancient city is home to amazing pagodas and remarkable architecture. Read More...

Inle Lake Activities Inle Lake Activities

At first glance, it seems like there is not much to do at Inle Lake. Visiting pagodas is a given, since it is done in almost every city in Myanmar. Sightseeing is also an expected activity. Read More...

Mandalay Activities Mandalay Activities

Mandalay preserves the folk art of puppetry, and showcases this art form to foreigners through marionette shows and theatre performances. Read More...

Yangon Activities Yangon Activities

Myanmar is a melting pot when it comes to people and religion. There are people of various nationalities and religious beliefs throughout the nation, the same as in the capital city of Yangon. Read More...


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Myanmar Activities
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