Myanmar Nightlife

What to Do at Night in Myanmar

Let's face it; Myanmar isn't the Las Vegas of Asia. There's little or no nightlife to be had in this quiet corner of the world where a visit to a temple can represent the most stirring activity available. The hotel bar is probably the most vibrant centre of nightlife in most places you'll visit, so adjust your schedule accordingly and take plenty to read.

Bagan Nighltife Bagan Nightlife

Bagan is an ancient city and is not a place for more modern forms of entertainment, such as discos and clubs. In fact, there are no discos in the area.  Read More...

Inle Lake Nightlife Inle Lake Nightlife

Inle Lake does not have nightlife. After all, it is a rural area in the southern Shan state in the country of Myanmar. It does not have clubs, pubs, discos or karaoke lounges. Read More...

Mandalay Nightlife Mandalay Nightlife

Visitors wanting to enjoy the night life in Mandalay may be disappointed with what the city offers. Unlike Yangon, Mandalay has very limited options when it comes to nighttime entertainment. Read More...

Yangon Nightlife Yangon Nightlife

Enjoying nightlife in Myanmar can be a challenge. Those who want to experience how the Burmese unwind after the sun goes down have to travel to a major city like Yangon. Read More...


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Myanmar Nightlife
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