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What to See in Vientiane

For many, Laos is the highlight of their Southeast Asia trip as it has been saved from the mass tourist trail that has led to her neighbours –Thailand and Vietnam. This relatively undeveloped nation is located between rugged mountains and the fertile low lands of the Mekong, and is touched by both European and Asian cultures. The city’s man-made structures are as distinctive as the areas of natural splendor.

Modernity has yet to infiltrate this sleepy capital, where temples and religious affiliations blend with the rural foundations of the city. The majority of the city's sights are situated within relatively close proximity of each another due to the fact that an urban sprawl has yet to materialize within the city.  

Top 10 Attractions in Vientiane Top 10 Attractions in Vientiane

Vientiane is known for its laid back atmosphere and its abundance of attractions reflects this. Age old Buddhist temples are scattered throughout,  Read More...

Most Popular Attractions in Vientiane

Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan) Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan)

Buddha Park is a famous sculpture park with more than 200 religious statues including a huge 40-metre high reclining Buddha image. The best spot for photography here is on top of the giant pumpkin structure. Read More...

Cooperative Orthotic & Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE) Cooperative Orthotic & Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE)

Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise, or COPE, is a local non-profit organization that provides clinical treatment and rehabilitation programmes for Lao people with physical disabilities. Read More...

Lao National Museum Lao National Museum

A visit to the Lao National Museum, also known as the Lao National History Museum, is an excellent way to learn about the history, culture and people of Laos while spending a couple of hours out of the sun. Read More...

Patuxai Victory Monument Patuxai Victory Monument

With its crenellated upper level topped with five ornate towers in the traditional Laos style, the Patuxai Victory Monument cuts a distinctive figure on the Vientiane skyline. It forms the centrepiece of Patuxai Park. Read More...

That Dam (Black Stupa) That Dam (Black Stupa)

That Dam, or black stupa, is located on a quiet roundabout not far from the morning market and the American Embassy. That in Laotian refers to an inverted bell shape structure that usually contains relics of the Buddha. Read More...

That Luang - Vientiane Great Stupa That Luang

That Luang, or the Great Stupa, in Vientiane is a national symbol and also the most sacred monument in the country. From the outside That Luang looks more like a fortress surrounded by high walls. Read More...

The Presidential Palace The Presidential Palace

The building of the elegant Presidential Palace on Lane Xang Street was first started in 1973 by the then Royal Lao government on the grounds that used to house the royal residence. Read More...

Vang Vieng Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng for many travelers is simply a piece of heaven on earth. Surrounded by scenic landscape, this small and scenic town offers a long list of interesting attractions. Read More...

Wat Ho Phra Keo Wat Ho Phra Keo

Vientiane boasts several beautiful temples or wats, but one of the most impressive and interesting of them is Wat Ho Phra Keo. It was originally constructed in 1565 as the Lao royal family’s personal chapel. Read More...

Wat Mixai Wat Mixai

Wat Mixai, or the Temple of Victory, was built during the reign of King Sai Setthathirat (1550-1571) to celebrate the victory over the Burmese troops during the 16th century Lao-Burma war. Read More...

Wat Si Muang Wat Si Muang

Wat Si Muang is one of Vientiane’s most popular sites of worship, and offers a fascinating insight into how old animist beliefs have blended seamlessly with Theravada Buddhism. Read More...

Wat Sisaket Wat Sisaket

Wat Si Saket located in Vientiane is famous for its cloister wall housing thousands of tiny Buddha images and rows with hundreds of seated Buddhas. These images mainly date from the 16th and 19th centuries. Read More...


Other Attractions in Vientiane

Ban Hom

Just 16 kilometers outside of Vientiane situated on the banks of the Mekong is the agricultural city of Ban Hom. A day trip might involve taking a wander around the preserved temples before visiting a primary school or watching a weaving demonstration, where the process of fabric making is laid bare. This day is really about getting to grips with authentic Laos culture, with everything from school presentations to observing traditional farming and fishing methods on the itinerary.

Laos National Cultural Hall

Built by the Chinese in the 1990’s, as a gift to the Laos people, the building is not the most attractive Vientiane has known. Occasionally French cinema and Lao classical dance events are held here within the hall, although it is difficult to access information to find out exactly when. Those interested should keep an eye on the Vientiane Times.

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