Pakse (Champasak) Tours

Tours in Pakse, Laos

To get to know this attractive destination better, take a tour to its remarkable temples, the central market, the heritage museum, and the weaving village of Bansaphai. Choose between a half-day and a full-day tour or take a boat down the Mekong River.

Vat Phu and Phu Asa Temples in Pakse Vat Phu and Phu Asa

Take an enjoyable boat trip along the Mekong River to visit the pre-Angkorian Vat Phu Temples, featuring a superb view overlooking the Mekong valley and a number of carved rocks, which are believed to have been used for human sacrifice in the past. Read More...

Tadfane Waterfall in Pakse Tadfane Waterfall Tour

Located in the jungle of Dong Hua Sao, Tad Fane is a picturesque twin set of waterfalls spilling 200 metres down into a deep gorge (swimming opportunities are not available unless you take a half-day hike to a proper area).  Read More...

Khong Island Tour in Pakse Khong Island Tour

With its lovely fishing villages and serene monasteries, Khong Island offers a unique insight into Nature and local life. The Khong Tour sets off the morning to visit Oum Moung Khmer archeological site before crossing the Mekong River to Khong Island.  Read More...

Boloven Plateau in Pakse Bolaven Plateau Tour

This full-day trip combines visiting several significant natural and cultural sites in Bolaven Plateau into a one-day trip. Tribal Village Museum at Phaseum Resort is our first stop, and followed by two popular tribal villages. Read More...

Pakse City Tour Pakse City Tour

Available for both a half-day and full-day trip, this easy and relaxing city tour will take you around Pakse City to visit remarkable temples, the central market, the heritage museum, and the weaving village of Bansaphai. An extra bonus for taking part in a full-day trip are an elephant ride to the top of Phou Asa Mountain at Ban Khiat Ngong. Read More...


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