Savannakhet Shopping

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Savannakhet

Savannakhet Shopping

Savannakhets, stands Laos’ only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or the Savan-Seno. At the borders where Savannakhet bridges with Mukdahan (Thailand) is a large active junction where ethnic minority people from the two countries trade.

Along the main roads in the city, there are many small shops offering a wide variety of products. Highlights are craft, art, antiques, fabrics, silverwares, hill-tribe products, and Laotian coffee. There are also several fresh markets in Savannakhet, another where one can observe a local lifestyle.  

Dao Heuang Duty Free Shop

Dao Heuang Duty Free offers chocolates, liquor, cigarettes and Cuban cigars and some basic household electricity products. Shoppers will also find a wide variety of Dao Coffee products - the largest coffee producers in Laos. Some handicrafts, hill-tribe products, silverware and jewellery can also be found here at reasonable prices.

Location: Sisavangvong Road (adjacent to the Dao Heuang coffee shop).

Savannakhet Market

Savannakhet Market, another big fresh market, is frequented by ethnic minority people from the countryside as well as those from the town. It sells similar products to the Singapore Market.

Location: Opposite the Police Station

Savanxay Market

Around 100 meters to the east of the bus station, Savanxay market is big and interesting place to visit. Besides selling fresh greens and meats, visitors will also find plenty of opportunities to enjoy inexpensive prepared food during the daytime. There are also some pleasant stalls selling handicraft products.

Location: near Bus Station

Singapore Market

Better not to expect any Singaporean products, because most of the goods here are imported from Thailand, Vietnam and China. This four-storey market is owned by a Singaporean and is the biggest market in Savannakhet. Singapore Market also sells vegetables, fresh fish and meats, locally famous pork sauces and household products.

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