Savannakhet Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in Savannakhet

Savannakhet Restaurants

Savannakhet is like most tranquil cities in Laos and small restaurants run by locals are easy to find. Street food can meet the needs of those who wish to try the original taste of traditional Laos dishes. French cuisine can be easily found, and the most obvious French influence - baguette sandwiches are sold on most streets while Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese dishes are easy enough to find.

A little bit farther north of the Kaysone Phomvihane area there are also a number of restaurants operated by guesthouses and hotels. Vegetarians can be sure of finding a good selection in major dining venues.

There are a number of restaurants run by locals serving decent Laos food and some basic Western dishes for budget travelers along Ratsayoungseuk Street. The riverside area offers more restaurants with impressive sunsets, a good place to dine and drink for the evening. A bit further south from the Immigration Office, there are several ‘somtam’ vendors serving different kinds of spicy somtam (green papaya salad) and grilled chicken with sticky rice – a favorite with locals and expats alike.  

Café Chez Boune

The finest interior décor and atmospheric dining venue in Savannakhet. Chez Boune offers pizza with plentiful amounts of cheese, fresh salads with Italian dressing, a wide choice of steaks (beef, lamb, and salmon), bruschetta and more. With a good wine and dessert list (although a bit pricy) it is worth paying a little more.  

Location: Chai Muang Road (across from the Hue-Savannakhet Trading Centre)

Dao Savanh Restaurant

Dao Savanh Restaurant

Dao Savanh serves fine French cuisine in Savannakhet featuring a good 'Menu Dejeuner'. The three-course lunch is impressive while a large dinner menu includes what some would term 'decadent dishes' like fresh lobster flambéed in whiskey. The staff members are very attentive and prices are reasonable. Highly recommended.

Location: Khantabuli Road (near the Catholic Church)

Hoong Thip Garden Restaurant

Operated by a Thai businessman in a hotel of the same name, it is big wooden building with both indoor and outdoor seating. There is a wide choice of Laos, Thai, and Chinese food. Two of the recommended dishes are duck larb and steamed fish cooked with healthy ingredients.

Location: At the corner where Phetsalat Road meets Udomsin Road.


Laos Paris Restaurant

Just like its name suggests, the restaurant offers wide choices of both Laos and French cuisine. Well prepared French-style snacks are also available, all at reasonable cost.

Location: Thahae Road (close to the Mekong River)

Phathxalin Restaurant

This restaurant offers great fish and chips, Italian dishes like pizza and pasta and of course local dishes washed down with cold beer Lao. Phatxalin Restaurant plays some cool Western music and has a pool table.

Location: 0019/1 Ratssavongseuk Street.

Pho Bia

A cozy restaurant next door to Xayamoungkhong Hotel. Serving fine soup with healthy greens on the side, the highlight is a traditional beef pho. A variety of decent Laos food is available and the Laos coffee is worth trying.

Location: Ratsavong Seuk Road (near Xayamoungkhong Hotel)

The Moonlight Café

This café is run by expats and is famous for its original western food. Burgers are good and fresh salads with excellent dressing complement the restaurant’s location and atmosphere.

Location: Ratsavong Seuk Road

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