Everything you Need to Know about Savannakhet

Savannakhet is located in the south of Laos on the banks of the Mekong River, neighboring Thailand and Vietnam. Its name originally comes from Savanh Nakhone, meaning ‘City of Paradise’. Savannakhet is approximately a six to seven-hour drive from Vientiane. The road trip is an opportunity to view the Mekong River scenery and the spectacular hills along the way. On the other hand, the city can also be reached via the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge from Mukdahan, Thailand.

Kaysone Phomvihane, the capital province, was named to honour the greatest leader of Laos (its former name was Khanthabouli). Savannakhet is the second largest city of Laos and home to various ethnic groups including Laotian, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and more. The city features a number of tourist attractions like the famous sacred Buddhist site – That Ing Hang Stupa and most the town's architecture is French Colonial. There are some small restaurants and cafés alongside the Mekong River downtown, and even in smaller villages upriver. The National Provincial Protected Area at Dong Natad is one of the 20 national protected land parcels in this province. A large tract of tropical monsoon forest hosting many ethnic minority groups, this area has a diverse wildlife population and offers eco-tours for Nature lovers.

Although, Savannakhet and its surrounding areas have not developed as rapidly and prosperously as Vientiane and Luang Prabang, it is one of the country’s most popular provinces for communication and commerce. The province acts as a commercial buffer zone between Thailand and Vietnam and is a very active location for trade between neighboring countries. Moreover, Savannakhet represents Laos' only Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or the Savan-Seno.

Where to Stay in Savannakhet Savannakhet Hotels

Savannakhet hotels and resorts at the best rates, such as Two Stars hotels like Nanhai Hotel, you are sure to find the accommodation you are looking for. Read More...

Savannakhet Attractions Savannakhet Attractions

The eclectic range of menus in this small town fuse traditional European fare (including hot crusty baguettes, hearty stews and steaks) with the spicy and exotic dishes of the Orient. Read More...

Savannakhet Restaurants Savannakhet Restaurants

Savannakhet is like most tranquil cities in Laos and restaurants run by locals are easy to find. Street food can meet the needs of those who wish to try the original taste of traditional Laos dishes. Read More...

Savannakhet Nightlife Savannakhet Nightlife

Although Savannakhet is the second-largest city in Laos, you should not expect exciting nightlife venues. The city is not completely dead at night; there are some restaurants and bars along the river. Read More...

Savannakhet Shopping Savannakhet Shopping

At the borders where Savannakhet bridges with Mukdahan (Thailand) is a large active junction where ethnic minority people from the two countries trade. Read More...

Savannakhet Activities Savannakhet Activities

Although Savannakhet has a handful of tourist attractions, its main strength actually lies in eco-tourism, especially trekking through its provincial protected area, Dong Natad. Read More...


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