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Coming from a western country to Laos is bound to be something of a cultural shock, but an extremely pleasant one! To be be familiar with the basics of a place before arriving will only increase the experience.

Laos Fast Facts Laos Fast Facts

Laos in a nutshell: Languages spoken in Laos, currency, Laotian demographics, travel tips in and around Vientiane.  Read More...

Laos Festivals & Events Laos Festivals & Events

There are a total of 15 Public Holidays in Laos ranging from harvest festivities, rain-making ceremonies to religious observations. Please note that government offices are closed on these days. Read More...

Laos Airports Laos Airports

They're not in the same league as Heathrow or JFK but Laos's airports have no need to be behemoths. Still, they're functional, clean and professional and unlike larger destinations, are close to the city centre. Read More...

Visas for Laos Visas for Laos

All information about the different types of visas and where to get them to enter Laos. Read More...

Laos Weather Laos Weather

Laos has a tropical climate with two distinct monsoon seasons. The wet southwest monsoon season runs from May to October while the northeast monsoon in the months of November to April brings drier weather. Though most of the country has warm temperatures year-round, it can get down to freezing conditions in the mountainous areas. Read More...


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