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Where and What to Eat in Laos

Vientiane and Luang Prabang are not without good French restaurants, a remnant of the country's colonial era, as are the widely available baguettes and pastries. Major cities in Laos offer dishes that will satisfy the vast majority of palettes; the selection dwindles quickly as you embark on roads less travelled.

When traveling foreign lands and encountering alien cultures an open mind will undoubtedly serve you well, apply this to your food encounters and you might just discover a passion for the great unknown – frog baguette anyone?  

Top 10 Dining
top10 restaurants vientiane Top 10 Restaurants in Vientiane

Vientiane’s vibrant and diverse culinary scene is booming, meaning that even the most adventurous of appetites can easily be satisfied. Read More...



Bokeo Restaurants Bokeo Restaurants

Decent restaurants serving standard local food and simple western dishes can easily be found along the Mekong River. Several of them offer outdoor seating with big patios overlooking the river.  Read More...

Champasak Restaurants Champasak Restaurants

Apart from local street stalls selling noodle soup and standard Lao dishes such as laab with sticky rice, other eating options are restaurants attached to guesthouses and hotels within towns. Read More...

Luang Prabang Restaurants Luang Prabang Restaurants

The eclectic range of menus in this small town fuse traditional European fare (including hot crusty baguettes, hearty stews and steaks) with the spicy and exotic dishes of the Orient. Read More...

Savannakhet Restaurants Savannakhet Restaurants

Savannakhet is like most tranquil cities in Laos and restaurants run by locals are easy to find. Street food can meet the needs of those who wish to try the original taste of traditional Laos dishes. Read More...

Vientiane Restaurants Vientiane Restaurants

Down by the river is pretty much as lively as it gets in Vientiane. Various chilled out riverside joints serve traditional Thai and Southeast Asian dishes to be enjoyed while overlooking the Mekong.  Read More...

Xieng Khouang Restaurants Xieng Khouang Restaurants

Eating options are not particularly varied in Xieng Khouang; the vast majority of restaurants serve traditional Asian fare but the usual French influences can be found...  Read More...

What to Eat in Laos What to Eat in Laos

Lao cuisine is very similar to that of its Thai and Vietnamese neighbours, and meals of spicy soup, sticky rice and chicken or laab are favorites with the locals. Vientiane is serviced by several good French restaurants, a remnant of the country's colonial era, and baguettes and croissants are also widely available.  Read More...


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