Champasak Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in Champasak

Champasak Restaurants

Apart from local stalls on main streets selling fare such as noodle soup and standard Laos dishes such as laap with sticky rice, other eating options are restaurants attached to guesthouses and hotels within the towns. Like most Laos provinces, baguette stalls dominate the main streets in Pakse. However, there are a few restaurants serving varied Western food as well as Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese, making quite a diverse food choice, considering the size of the town.

Most of the restaurants are within walking distance and located along or nearby the road between the Champasak Palace Hotel and the Se Don River. Here is the list of restaurants in Pakse:

Delta Coffee

A popular place for coffee and cake, as well as a selection of French and Laotian wines. Delta coffee also serves Italian dishes like pizza and pasta while the double pepperoni is highly recommended!

Ketmany Restaurant

Next to Adams internet cafe, is the Ketmany restaurant that serves Chinese, Laos and some European dishes, although the Asian fare is somewhat better than the Western.

Korean BBQ

There are several Korean barbecue restaurants on offer in Pakse. The cook-it-your-self menu includes meats like beef, pork, chicken, and fish, which come with vegetables and noodles to make soup with. There are also non-grilled items on the menu like tasty fried chicken wings and so on. Korean barbecue restaurants can be easily found in town, especially along the river.


Lan Kham Noodle House

Attached to Lan Kham hotel, the restaurant is popular with locals for the breakfast menu which is usually served in enormous bowls with fresh herbs and green salad. Prices are inexpensive and it is open from late morning until early evening.

Lien Huong

Located one block closer to the river, this place offers tasty Vietnamese food. Staff are very friendly and the service is warm and efficient. Although Lie Huong has limited items on offer, it is definitely worth trying out.

Nazim Restaurant & Jasmin Restaurant

Both Nazim and Jasmin offer similar Malay and Indian cuisine. Prices at both places are reasonable. Meat dishes are recommended while vegetarians will love the fresh veggie dishes. The two restaurants are next door to each other on the main street, close to Phonsavan hotel.

Tour Lao Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the central market. Tour Lao Restaurant offers good hamburger and fries for those who are missing some western-style grub.

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