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While Laos has a reputation for being sleepy and laid-back, it isn’t for a lack of things to do. Laos is a land full of enchantment and charm, it boasts something for nearly every type of traveler; from the person who just wants to drift along the charming Mekong River and enjoy life as it passes slowly, to the adventurer ready to explore remote areas in the countryside. When one is ready to take a break from the temple circuit, there is always a café of sorts to relax and unwind in.

At night, travelers of all variety will find something to purchase in the enchanting night markets. Perhaps nature lovers will be happiest in Laos, as the scenery is breathtaking throughout the country. If it’s perplexing and unusual you seek, look no further than the Plain of Jars in Phonsanan where hundreds of enormous jars sit in empty fields.

Bokeo Activities Bokeo Activities

The Gibbon Experience is Bokeo’s highlight. A trek into the wild, provides an opportunity to see wild bears, tigers, birds, and the rare gibbons that were once thought extinct. Read More...

Champasak Activities Champasak Activities

Champasak has a rich menu of activities to enjoy, all of which strongly encompass Laos' most defining cultural traits. The province is Laos’s newest and most appealing tourist destination. Read More...

Luang Prabang Activities Luang Prabang Activities

Luang Prabang has been the discerning traveller’s darling for a good few years now, popular with backpackers making their way through Southeast Asia too.  Read More...

Savannakhet Activities Savannakhet Activities

Although Savannakhet has a handful of tourist attractions, its main strength actually lies in eco-tourism, especially trekking through its provincial protected area, Dong Natad. Read More...

Vientiane Activities Vientiane Activities

The French coined the phrase: ‘The Vietnamese plant the rice, the Cambodians watch it grow and the Laos listen to it grow’. Read More...

Xieng Khouang Activities Xieng Khouang Activities

The harsh realities of war are not lost in Xieng Khouang, a recurring battle zone throughout the early 19th century up until 1975 much of the land is still littered with unexploded munitions... Read More...


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