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Laos has a rich history stretching back 10,000 years. At its height, it ruled over present day Laos and much of neighbouring northern Thailand. Landlocked and laid-back, it’s a unique spin on the Southeast Asia experience.

Here Buddhism permeates every facet of life, change comes slowly, and cities bed down early. The perfect place to break from office politics or put a pause in a hyperactive travel agenda, this land of mountain, mists and untamed natural beauty tempts with unrivalled peace and serenity.

Open your heart, open your mind, and let the genuine faith and generous hospitality of Laos replenish your soul.

Laos Hotel Recommendations

The Grand Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang
The Grand Luang Prabang
Room with Breakfast
From US$ 115
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Lao Golden Hotel
Luang Prabang
Lao Golden Hotel
Superior with breakfast
From US$ 42
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Vieng Tara Villa
Luang Prabang
Vieng Tara Villa
Room with breakfast
From US$ 63
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Laos Travel Guide

Laos Hotels Laos Hotels

Charm of Laos is irresistible. The old world kind of place, with amazing mountain scenery, beautiful temples and calm, laid back ambiance. A complete contrast to its more sophisticated neighbours like Thailand. Read More...

Vientiane Vientiane

The tranquil capital of Laos is beginning to expand, but its city streets are still dominated by quiet temples and slow rhythm of everyday life. Vientiane, like many Southeast Asian cities, is a place of contrast. Read More...

Luang Prabang Luang Prabang

The ancient capital of the Lam Xang Kingdom wakes up every day to the sound of bells gongs and drums from the local temples. Being premier tourist destination and Southeast Asia's most beautiful spot. Read More...

Xieng Khouang Xieng Khouang

In the north, lying across a flat high plateau is the province of Xieng-Khouang, where you will find the intriguing Plain of Jars. From the early 19 th century until 1975, central Xieng-Khouang was a recurring battle zone. Read More...

Champasak Champasak

Champasak was once, 1400 years ago, the centre of power in the lower Mekong basin. Tropical river islands and the World Heritage Site of Vat Phou lie in Laos southern regions. Read More...

Savannakhet Savannakhet

It is the country's most popular province for communication and commerce, the main tourist attractions are the Sanctuary of That Inghang, the ruins of Khmer, Heuan Hinh, Wat Xayaphoum, and the Dinosaur Museum. Read More...


Bokeo Bokeo

Located along the Mekong river, in the heart of golden Triangle opposite Chiang Rai province in Thailand and sharing the border with Myanmar, "Bokeo" means the Land of Sapphires. Read More...

Laos Tours Laos Tours

By partnering with the best providers in Laos, we provide you the best quality at the best prices. Our tours show all and tell more. The short nerves and missed chances of doing it yourself are a thing of the past.  Read More...

Laos Attractions Laos Attractions

Buddhism is the dominate religion throughout the country, which results in a plethora of temples and stupas in every city and town, with the most popular being in Luang Prabang. Read More...

Laos Restaurants Laos Restaurants

Vientiane and Luang Prabang are not without good French restaurants, a remnant of the country's colonial era, as are the widely available baguettes and pastries. Read More...

Laos Nightlife Laos Nightlife

Laos nightlife has had quite a paradoxical character: From the extremes of the opium culture that infiltrated the country during the late sixties and early seventies. Read More...

Laos Shopping Laos Shopping

Laos shopping areas are devoid of megamalls and sky high stacks of counterfeit goods you might find elsewhere around the region. Read More...

Laos Activities Laos Activities

While Laos has a reputation for being sleepy and laid-back, it isn’t for a lack of things to do. Laos is a land full of enchantment and charm, it boasts something for nearly every type of traveler. Read More...

Laos Information Laos Info

The human history of Laos stretches back more than 10,000 years as stone tools and skulls unearthed in Huaphan and Luang Prabang provinces can confirm. Read More...

Laos Maps Laos Maps

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

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