La Residence Phou Vao, Luang Prabang, Laos


La Residence Phou Vao


Built in traditional local materials, the Spa pavilions are decorated in an inviting mix of ethnic craftsmanship and modern comfort. Each is decorated in a contemporary style with Laotian accents using wooden furniture and elegant wall paneling made of hand woven local silk.

The Spa offers a full range of face and body treatments including facials, massages, body scrubs, body wraps and packages for individuals and couples. The custom-designed spa treatments are based on traditional Lao herbal remedies aimed at healing and nurturing, and use only pure botanical ingredients from organic Lao gardens and local farms.

Steam Room All guests are encouraged to participate in traditional herbal steam along with their other spa treatments. The steam room is made of limestone in contemporary style, with a pebbled stone path leading to the rinsing area where guest can rinse off by splashing water from traditional earthenware urns.

Infinity Pool To finish, guests can then proceed to the infinity plung pool and relaxation area overlooking the water lily pond and the historic Laotian royal retreat town of Luang Prabang.

Massage Treatments
Indulge in a massage spa treatment at the first luxury spa in Luang Prabang. Experience the healing effects of aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative
massage that combines tropical scents with soothing acupressure.  Individually chosen by our therapists to suit your personal requirements, the essential oils will rebalance your vital energies, restoring harmony to your body and mind.

Body Oil Massage Treatments:

Ponklai - 
Relaxing body oil massage
A combination of lemongrass and orange essential oils that will encourage your body and mind to embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation.

Borisut - Purifying body oil massage
With a synergy of cajuput and petit grain essential oils that will leave your body deeply detoxified with a replenished mind.

Pherm Palang - Energizing body oil massage
With a synergy of mandarin and peppermint essential oils that will ease away tensions and aching muscles to bring a renewed vitality to your senses. 
  Herbal Massage Treatments:

Mohom - Indigo herbal healing massage
Experience the ancient healing art of Hmong shamans to treat muscular pains and aches. A steamed indigo herbal compress filled with pure remedial ingredients is thoroughly massaged onto your body.  Next,  surrender with a deep tissue massage using palms, thumbs and elbows to loosen muscle tissues and stimulate blood circulation. Indigo, symbol of the Buddha of Medicine, is said to improve muscle tone and drain away toxins, while eucalyptus, clove and black pepper essential oils dissolve away muscular tension, leaving one embodied in stillness and harmony.

Kamatan - Path to tranquility de-stress massage
Pacify the mind and touch serenity with a complete de-stressing treatment. Calm your senses
as your body is soothed by a hot herbal poultice of sweet basil and kaffir lime and a warm oil massage. While the tension is slowly eased away under a caring touch, you will be guided in tranquil meditation for total peace of mind. This holistic treatment improves mental clarity leaving a sense of wholesome well-being.

Sip Sen - Lao Massage
Cultivated in monasteries of Laos and handed down through generations of Buddhist monks,
the philosophy of this massage is based on freeing life force which runs throughout energy lines called sen to achieve total wellness. This very respectful way of applying pressure with thumbs and palms was once exclusively applied to Royal families.  The treatment helps the body to relax, detoxify, balance, heal and energize, giving a new sense of wholesome well-being.

Foot Massage Treatment:

Sukhapab - Foot beauty ritual
Experience this heavenly foot ritual that will take you to a new plane of relaxation. This treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation to prepare your feet, followed by a soak in a warm bath with lemongrass essential oil that will relieve stiffness and heaviness.  An invigorating foot massage with peppermint essential oils completes the treatment to envelop your feet with a feeling of exquisite lightness and freshness.

Bath and Body Treatment
Body Treatments: Experience a full body
treatment in the luxury hotel spa.

Rasayna -  Eternity body booster
Forget all your worries and savour the moment as
a warm, silky fusion of green tea, white clay and aromatic oils is massaged into your body. The wrap gently bathes your skin in active ingredients of petit grain and Cajuput, rekindling your inner youth and fighting the build up of free radicals. Meanwhile, enjoy
a soothing head massage that brings you to your own piece of heaven.

Tamrap Luang - Seven Flowers Royal Treat
Indulge in an Ancient Royal Treatment exclusively created to beautify the Princesses of South East Asia. An exhilarating selection of sacred flowers, known for their healing powers, is gently rubbed onto your skin to refine and purify. Then, the delicate touch of a regenerative massage nurtures your body, leaving you with a radiant aura and a revitalized mind.

Piu Nuan - Lao secret of sensual skin
Uncover the secrets of a perfect silky skin with this fusion of indigenous nutrients and exquisite fragrances. The treatment starts with a soft skin exfoliation using natural fruit acids to deep cleanse and purify the body. Next, abandon your senses whilea steamed poultice of rice and black sesame seeds, soaked in warm coconut milk is gently massaged onto your body. This wonderful healing experience is completed by the application of a silky body lotion leaving your skin fully replenished and your soul totally nurtured.

Steam Treatment: Take a steam treatment in the luxury hotel spa steam room.

Lao Herbal Steam
Sweating it out in the steam is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cleanse your body from within.

Bath Treatments: Have a full bath experience in our special bath treatment room.

Sabia Sabai, -Serenity bath
Soak in a serenity herbal bath made of fragrant jasmine and lemongrass to release tensions and calm the senses. Then enjoy a relaxing massage with a blend of nurturing oils that relieves stress and soothes daily tensions, leaving your body, mind and soul totally pampered.

Ŏm - Harmony bath
Plunge into a bath filled with Holy basil and Kaffir lime fragrances to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing process by improving sluggish circulation and the elimination of toxins. Then, enjoy a purifying oil massage to cleanse your system and restore equilibrium in your body and mind.

Facial & Manicure

Offering a range of treatments using aromatic formulations of white orchid, jasmine, green tea and bamboo shoot extracts for exceptional results.  Our facial treatments will leave your skin deeply cleased, revitalised and lifted for a brighter complexion.

  Spa Facial Menu:

Sombun -Balancing organic facial
For normal to oily skin using an exotic synergy of white orchid extract and Jasmine essential oil to purify and decongest the skin.

Chum Choun -Quenching organic facial
For normal to dry skin with an intriguing blend of green tea and bamboo shoot extract to heal dull & congested complexions and hydrate thirsty skin.

Yothai -Regenerative organic facial
For sensitive and aging skin with a stimulating blend of Pandan leaf and Pink Lotus extract to alleviate fines lines & wrinkles and to assist cell renewal & oxygenation.

Siam Sa -Nurturing organic facial
For dehydrated combination skin with a rejuvenating blend of Lotus flower and neroli extract to reduce dryness and improve circulation.

Manao -Head and face treat for men
Enjoy a deep exfoliation to remove impurities and help lift ingrown hairs, followed by a quenching facial mask to re-hydrate the epidermis. This advanced treatment incorporates a vital energy point massage through the application of a cranial herbal poultice over the back, neck shoulders and head, which eases away stress and tensions. Finally, restore health and vitality to the face with a floral elixir and a hydrating gel, which enhances muscle tone and leaves the skin fresh and supple.

Na Plai -Calming head massage
A soothing yet energizing back, neck, shoulders and head massage focussing on vital energy points for a total mind and spirit experience. The treatment starts with the application of a hot herbal compress, to ease tensions and restore vital tranquillity. Next, reconnect body mind and soul, while a rejuvenating blend of rosewood and orange is gently massaged onto your face to stimulate Marma points, promoting total recovery and balance.

Manicure & Pedicure
Our spa manicure and pedicures are a therapeutic escape in addition to good grooming.  The products are derived from botanicals and other natural ingredients.  Enjoy the complete serenity and relaxation commune with the nature, Spa manicure and pedicure by our highly trained professionals. kind of caring.

Spa Packages

Our Spa packages allow you to experience every aspect of our famous spa in style, while enjoying a healthy Spa drink.

Sensuality For Two
Allow the sensuality of Asia to renew your spirits and pamper your minds. Wash away any negative energy with an exhilarating foot ritual and allow your bodies to be deeply cleansed with a white coconut and rice scrub before experiencing a soft oil massage. Finally plunge into a bath filled with Yang Yang fragrances.

• Foot ritual (Sukapab)
• Rice and coconut scrub (Kaohom)
• Massage
• Sensuous bath
• Spa drink

Anti-Aging for Her

Feel and look younger with this amazing selection of anti-aging treatments. First regenerate your body and soul in an enveloping steam made of wild roots known to increase resistance and build up a strong health.   Bathe your skin in active ingredients of Petitgrain and Cajuput and organic green tea, rekindling your inner youth and fighting the build up of free radicals. Then enjoy a soothing regenerative facial to reflect your inner beauty and bring you to your own piece of heaven.

• Regenerative private Lao steam
• Rasayana, youth body booster
• Yothai, regenerative organic facial
• Spa drink

Longevity for Him

Renew your whole system in a pure botanical steam designed to regenerate the body functions and boost metabolism. Then increase inner strength and vigour with an energizing massage, before finally smoothing away signs of aging with a quenching facial to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

• Regenerative private Lao steam
• Pherm Palang, energizing oil ceremony
• Manao, head and face treat for men
• Spa drink


Release muscular tension in the therapeutic moisture
of a relaxing Lao steam bath and enjoy a full body exfoliation of pure botanical elements to cleanse and rejuvenate. Then allow the healing benefits of nature
to detoxify and nourish the body as a rich wrap is carefully applied onto your skin. Once this fragrant wrap is rinsed away, surrender yourself to a massage that works to soothe away tension to complete this journey

• Relaxing Lao herbal steam bath
• Moisturising body scrub
• Rejuvenating body wrap
• Relaxing massage
• Spa drink


Let your senses experience a wonderful tropical treat. Your body is bathed in a warm stream of wild herbs to release pollutants from your system. Then a light body scrub removes dead cells to prepare your skin for a wrap containing papaya and Aloe Vera extracts.  While your are covered with banana leaves, simply enjoy the active fresh ingredients that will eliminate toxic wastes and decongest your system by activating perspiration. After a spa lunch, let your mind de-stress with a purifying aromatherapy massage using a unique blend of cajuput and petit grain essential oils.

• Detoxifying Lao steam
• Moisturizing body scrub
• Detoxifying body wrap
• Spa lunch
• Borisut, Purifying massage
• Spa drink


Switch off from the outside world, and allow yourself a well-deserved break. Start the journey in a bath filled with exhilarating fragrances to relax your mind and body. Then experience the healing power of deep Lao massage handed down through generations of monks. After a spa lunch, touch paradise with a head massage incorporating the curative properties of warm botanical elements. Emerge with renewed vitality.

• Serenity herbal bath
• Sip sen, Lao traditional massage
• Spa lunch
• Ytsara calming head massage
• Spa drink

Massage Class for Two  - Learn How To Pamper Yourselves!

Our comprehensive massage class teaches the basics and most important techniques to perform a safe and relaxing massage. We have carefully chosen a handful of the most effective, time-tested, essential massage techniques that you will be able to learn and use with ease. 

Learn first hand about the deep relaxation and other blissful benefits gained from a therapeutic massage. First, you will receive the massage from our therapists and then learn the different steps of the massage, by practising on your partner! During the class you and your partner learn how to set up a treatment area at home and we will show you the tips, secrets, and techniques used by the professionals.

In addition we offer you a bottle of Ytsara relaxing massage oil and our massage handbook.
The three hour package menu of the massage class includes:

• Spa welcome drink
• Learn how to create a peaceful sanctuary at home with music, temperature, light
and the correct surface for a massage.
• Enjoy a head, neck, feet and shoulder massage
• Learn the techniques, concentrating on head, neck, feet and shoulders.

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