Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang, Laos


Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang, Laos



Imagine a bastion of pure peace and quiet. A refuge for lovers and dreamers, in the midst of ancient wonders.

Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang is utterly unique; a boutique resort that is a World Heritage treasure, a colonial moment preserved in amber, and a showcase of contemporary design. It’s the jewel in the town that time forgot.

Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang stands upon a UNESCO site in the former royal capital of Laos. Once a Governor’s mansion, a garrison and briefly a jail, the century old structure has been restored to luxury. Today, 23 spacious Suites await, each with a walled rear garden and a terrace overlooking a sun-kissed courtyard; some with their own expansive and very private swimming pools.

Within the walls of this one-time fort, warring thoughts wane and serenity reigns. Cultures connect. Art lives and breathes. Engage with spaces dedicated to creation, where artisans hone time-honoured skills and happily share their secrets. Discover new flavours and old Laoation favourites in a culinary masterclass led by our chef. Bask in the Spa. Or let your muse take flight: your photographs could win you the Hotel de la Paix Peace Prize.

Contemplate. Reflect. Or simply drift, borne by the Mekong’s ceaseless flow and the echoes of reveries lost in time.

Hotel de la Paix Luang Prabang, Laos

The Governor Suite is the largest accommodation in our Luang Prabang luxury hotel and is located in the restored colonial complex.

It has a distinctive and unique character, individually defined by its modern-day heritage, yet indulging its guests with the luxury of private space.

The Governor suite offers lofty ceilings

Located at the four corner posts of our heritage resort in Luang Prabang, Pool Suites come with spacious private gardens for dining, their own 7 x 2.6 meter private pool, outdoor terraces with daybeds and sun loungers.

Two of the four Pool Suites have original watchtowers preserved and restored to their original condition. Read More...

The two Heritage Suites are housed within the restored UNESCO colonial buildings, with each suite comprising approximately 52sqm, excluding the large outdoor area.

Featuring spacious landscaped gardens with individual daybeds, its outdoor terraces ensure privacy for garden dining. With its traditional high ceilings, each accommodation is designed as a private sanctuary Read More...

The Garden Suites at our luxury hotel in Laos range from 46-56sqm, excluding the private garden and are sited throughout the complex, blending seamlessly into the heritage architecture.

High ceilings, cosy sitting areas, in-suite private gardens for alfresco dining, sun lounges and daybeds complement these suites. The luxurious bathrooms are well Read More...