Hotel Continental Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Hotel Continental Saigon


Lovers have chosen the Hotel Continental Saigon to host their wedding party with the same vow: “That their love will last forever”, because in their minds the Hotel Continental bears the image of endurance and sustainability.

Customized setting

So many things about the wedding party worry the bride and groom! Let us take care of all of them for you, we have a bank of services to make your wedding party unforgettable.


The wedding party is not only for the two of you, but also for all of your guests to remember it forever; the cozy Continental Palace Restaurant, the exciting Bamboo Dining room or the sparkling Continental Patio are deserving for your special celebration.


Flowers born to delight your lovely bride: flowers on the stage, flowers on the guest’s table, flowers guiding you to the stage; our artistic florists are glad to assist you to design the loveliest bouquets.

Wedding cakes & champagne

Cakes are as sweet as your love, waiting to share your happiness with participants; and champagne toasts are to cheer for your everlasting love. Isn’t it true that champagne always announces the happy party.

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