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Considered by many as Southeast Asia’s next top beach resort, Sihanoukville attracts travelers from all over the world, especially those who are looking for a new beach destination with a lovely, unspoiled coastline that has not yet become overdeveloped.

But it’s not entirely unsophisticated. After hanging out on Sihanoukville’s quiet beaches for a few days, visitors can try some of the activities below. 


Check out the Top Cat Cinema, an air-conditioned theatre with big screen, relaxing seats and properly scheduled films. They also serve traditional Western movie snacks such as pop corn and ice cream, soft drinks and even beer.  

Tel: +855 (0) 12 177 0677.


Cooking Class

Take a cookery class at the Traditional Khmer Cookery School. They will introduce you to Khmer recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques.

Tel: +855 (0) 92 738 615.

Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and Scuba diving in Sihanoukville thrives because of the area's favourable topographical features. Offshore local waters are warm and the visibility is low but it is better to dive out by neighbouring islands and Condor Reef as visibility is superior there.

Snorkeling, also, can be impressive around the nearby islands which feature rocky reefs, shallow waters and coral, and colourful tropical fish. Diving and snorkeling from December to June is ideal because the water is clearer and cooler than the rest of the year. Professional guidance is available on the beach to assist divers and the snorkellers.

Diving has been part of the Sihanoukville scene for quite some time, October to June being the busiest period. Some of the most talked-about dive sites are Koh Rung Samloem and Koh Kon which are quite close to Sihanoukville.

Those who have more time should also dive at Koh Tang, Koh Prins, and Condor Reef, which are further out.

Contact dive shops such as Eco Sea Dive (Tel: +(855) (0)12-654104), Scuba Nation (Tel: +(855) (0)12-604680) or Chez Claude (Tel: +(855) (0)12-824870. 

Traditional Massage

Spa at Sokha Beach Resort

Experience a real traditional Khmer massage at Islands Massage (Tel: +855 (0) 34 399 070), Sokha Beach Resort & Spa (Tel: +855 (0) 34 935 999) or Tropical Massage (Tel: +855 (0) 34 933 726). There are other places that advertise ‘massages’ but whose service strays beyond what most people might regard as ‘traditional’. If you don’t want to find yourself in such a place, check with the front desk at your hotel. 

Tel: Islands Massage (Tel: +855 (0) 34 399 070), Sokha Beach Resort & Spa (Tel: +855 (0) 34 935 999) or Tropical Massage (Tel: +855 (0) 34 933 726)


Try deep sea fishing with Fisherman’s Den. They have a 54-ft fishing boat with experienced crew, available for fishing, snorkeling and island-hopping trips.

There is as yet no golf course nearby, but according to local press reports, Sihanoukville is among the places slated to get courses in the near future. 

Tel: +855 (0) 34 933 997.

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