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What to Do at Night in Cambodia

Cambodian nightlife is a lot more locally orientated than in Thailand although foreigners are amply catered for in the country's many bars, restaurants and clubs. Go Go bars are a no-go in Cambodia and most hostesses are fully dressed but that's not to say that naughty stuff doesn't happen; it does and with girls from Vietnam drawn to the nightlife scene the effect is multi-tiered.

Some clubs are open 24 hours round the clock and none close early. The restaurant scene runs parallel, that is to say late, along with the nightclubs.

Top 10 Nightlife in Phnom Penh Top 10 Nightlife in Phnom Penh

There is plenty of choice if you want to enjoy a night out in Phnom Penh, and the choices are growing more every year! Anyone who has visited Phnom Penh more than a few years ago will tell you how much the city has changed.  Read More...


Cambodia Nightlife Guide

Battambang Nightlife

To put it succinctly, there is no nightlife in Battambang unless you count sipping fruit drinks by the river, in which case you should head to the Riverside Balcony Bar.

Phnom Penh Nightlife Phnom Penh Nightlife

Early evening in Phnom Penh you can visit establishments like the Australian-owned Rubies Bar, frequented by young and well-heeled expats or the FCC on Sisowath Quay.  Read More...

Siem Reap Nightlife

There are several good nightspots worth checking out such as Angkor Night Market, selling local handicrafts while most of the popular bars are close to the old market and the river. Read More...

Sihanoukville Nightlife

Sihanoukville is Cambodia's main beach resort. Back when Phnom Penh was considered too dangerous for NGO officials they stayed here, resulting nowadays in a glut of hotel rooms. Read More...


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