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Low Budget

  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Jasmine Family Hostel   Siem Reap 13 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Natural Inn Backpacker Hostel   Phnom Penh 4 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Kha Vi Guesthouse   Phnom Penh 6 USD
  Naga Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 6 USD
  Home Sweet Home   Siem Reap 7 USD
  Tom & Jerry Hostel   Siem Reap 7 USD
  Tropical Breeze Guest House   Siem Reap 8 USD
  Me Mates Place   Phnom Penh 9 USD
  Jasmine Lodge   Siem Reap 13 USD
  Khmer Cuisine Bed & Breakfast   Siem Reap 14 USD
  The Unique Angkor Villa   Siem Reap 16 USD
  Sam So Guest House   Siem Reap 17 USD
  Diamond Palace   Phnom Penh 18 USD
  Green Village Angkor   Siem Reap 18 USD
  Le Coco De Mer Bungalows and Restaurant   Kep 18 USD
  Lucky Ro Hotel   Phnom Penh 18 USD
  VIVA Hotel   Siem Reap 18 USD
  Neth Socheata Hotel   Siem Reap 20 USD
  Damnak Riverside Hotel   Siem Reap 22 USD
  Moms Guest House   Siem Reap 22 USD
  Dara Reangsey Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 26 USD
  Green Centre Point Inn   Phnom Penh 27 USD
  Pavillon Indochine Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 59 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Paradise Eco Resort - Siem Reap   Siem Reap 11 USD
  Lucky Star 2   Phnom Penh 13 USD
  Popular Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 13 USD
  Angkor Saphir Hotel   Siem Reap 14 USD
  Avatar Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 16 USD
  Hang Neak Hotel   Phnom Penh 17 USD
  Les Bambous Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 17 USD
  My Home Villa   Siem Reap 17 USD
  Orussey Hotel   Phnom Penh 17 USD
  The Local Riverside   Phnom Penh 18 USD
  Gloria Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 20 USD
  Boutique Cambo Hotel   Siem Reap 21 USD
  Diamondpalace II Hotel   Phnom Penh 21 USD
  Channsoda Hotel   Phnom Penh 22 USD
  Golden Orange Hotel   Siem Reap 22 USD
  Monica Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 22 USD
  Natural House   Phnom Penh 22 USD
  Royal Inn   Phnom Penh 22 USD
  Parent Heritage Angkor Villa   Siem Reap 23 USD
  Passaggio Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 23 USD
  The Moon Villa and Spa   Siem Reap 23 USD
  Angkor International Hotel   Phnom Penh 24 USD
  Claremont Angkor Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 25 USD
  Mittapheap Hotel   Phnom Penh 25 USD
  Rain Rock Hotel   Phnom Penh 25 USD
  Tan Kang Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 25 USD
  Horizons Cambodia   Siem Reap 26 USD
  288 Boutique Villa   Siem Reap 27 USD
  Blue Tongue Cafe   Phnom Penh 27 USD
  Macau Phnom Penh Hotel   Phnom Penh 27 USD
  Royal Mekong Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 27 USD
  Salita Hotel   Phnom Penh 27 USD
  Siem Reap Garden Inn   Siem Reap 27 USD
  The Frangipani Villa-60s Hotel   Phnom Penh 27 USD
  Angkor Empire Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 29 USD
  Angkoriana Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 29 USD
  Hotel Luxury World   Phnom Penh 29 USD
  Pacific Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 29 USD
  Siem Reap Evergreen Hotel   Siem Reap 29 USD
  Silver River Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 29 USD
  Soria Moria Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 29 USD
  The Frangipani Villa-90s Hotel   Phnom Penh 29 USD
  Dyna Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 30 USD
  Angkor Boutique Tropic Hotel   Siem Reap 31 USD
  Areca Angkor Boutique Villa   Siem Reap 31 USD
  Diamond Hotel   Phnom Penh 31 USD
  Lakeside Boutique Villa   Siem Reap 31 USD
  Mondulkiri Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 31 USD
  Sokhalay Angkor Inn   Siem Reap 31 USD
  The Frangipani Green Garden Hotel and Spa   Siem Reap 31 USD
  Cardamom Hotel & Apartment   Phnom Penh 32 USD
  HanumanAlaya Boutique Villa   Siem Reap 34 USD
  Asia Tune Hotel   Phnom Penh 35 USD
  Le Cube Hotel   Phnom Penh 35 USD
  Hotel Nine   Phnom Penh 36 USD
  Monument Hotel   Phnom Penh 36 USD
  Okay 1 Hotel and Spa   Siem Reap 36 USD
  The Frangipani Villa Hotel II Siem Reap   Siem Reap 36 USD
  The Frangipani Villa Hotel Siem Reap   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Kanitha Boutique Villa   Siem Reap 38 USD
  Monsoon Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 38 USD
  Golden Sand Hotel   Sihanoukville Province 40 USD
  King Grand Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 42 USD
  Blue Sea Boutique Hotel   Sihanoukville Province 44 USD
  La Niche dAngkor Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 44 USD
  Mysteres & Mekong Phnom Penh Lodge   Phnom Penh 44 USD
  The Moon Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 44 USD
  The Frangipani Fine Arts Hotel   Phnom Penh 45 USD
  The Sanctuary Villa   Battambang Province 45 USD
  Villa Langka   Phnom Penh 45 USD
  Mysteres d Angkor Siem Reap Lodge   Siem Reap 46 USD
  The River Garden   Siem Reap 46 USD
  Apsara Centrepole Hotel   Siem Reap 48 USD
  Antanue Spiritual Resort and Spa   Siem Reap 49 USD
  Eureka Villas   Phnom Penh 49 USD
  Green Palace Hotel   Phnom Penh 50 USD
  Kolab Sor Phnom Penh Hotel   Phnom Penh 53 USD
  Lin Ratanak Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 53 USD
  Ancient Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 54 USD
  City River Hotel   Siem Reap 54 USD
  Dara Reang Sey Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 54 USD
  Hilarys Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 54 USD
  Regent Park Hotel   Phnom Penh 54 USD
  Lebiz Hotel & Library   Phnom Penh 55 USD
  MENs Resort & Spa gay hotel   Siem Reap 55 USD
  Feeling Home Hotel   Phnom Penh 56 USD
  FCC Phnom Penh Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 57 USD
  Central Boutique Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 58 USD
  Princess Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 58 USD
  Natures Garden Resort Kep   Kep 63 USD
  Almond Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 67 USD
  Siddharta Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 70 USD
  Diamond D Angkor Boutique   Siem Reap 78 USD
  La Maison D Angkor   Siem Reap 83 USD
  Angkor Holiday Hotel   Siem Reap 98 USD
  Prum Bayon Hotel   Siem Reap 107 USD
  Petit Villa Boutique & Spa   Siem Reap 157 USD
  Petit Temple Suite & Spa   Siem Reap 255 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Reflections Art Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 19 USD
  Bamboo Residence   Siem Reap 28 USD
  Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 31 USD
  Asanak D Angkor Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 32 USD
  New Angkorland Hotel   Siem Reap 32 USD
  The Frangipani Living Arts Hotel and Spa   Phnom Penh 32 USD
  Le Grand Mekong Hotel   Phnom Penh 35 USD
  Smiling Hotel & Spa   Siem Reap 35 USD
  Angkor Heritage Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Angkor Home Hotel   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Blue River Hotel   Phnom Penh 36 USD
  Casa Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Kingdom Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Myhibiscus Hotels and Resort   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Royal Empire Hotel   Siem Reap 36 USD
  Khemara Angkor Hotel & Spa   Siem Reap 37 USD
  Angkor Riviera Hotel   Siem Reap 38 USD
  La Tradition d Angkor Boutique Resort   Siem Reap 38 USD
  La Villa Coloniale   Siem Reap 38 USD
  Regency Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 38 USD
  Steung Siem Reap Hotel   Siem Reap 39 USD
  Cambodian Resort   Sihanoukville Province 40 USD
  Empress Angkor Hotel and Spa   Siem Reap 40 USD
  Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 40 USD
  Lotus Blanc Resort   Siem Reap 40 USD
  Na Ta Nha Boutique   Siem Reap 40 USD
  Golden Sea Hotel & Casino   Sihanoukville Province 41 USD
  Angkor Paradise Hotel   Siem Reap 42 USD
  Starry Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 42 USD
  HanumanAlaya Boutique Residence   Siem Reap 43 USD
  Apsara Angkor Resort & Conference   Siem Reap 44 USD
  Pippeli Pensione   Siem Reap 44 USD
  Royal Crown Hotel and Spa   Siem Reap 44 USD
  Sonalong Boutique Village & Resort   Siem Reap 44 USD
  Thansur Bokor Highland Resort   Kampot 44 USD
  La Niche dAngkor Villa   Siem Reap 45 USD
  Lucky Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 45 USD
  Pacific Hotel & Spa   Siem Reap 45 USD
  Paradise Angkor Villa Hotel   Siem Reap 45 USD
  The Willow Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 45 USD
  Landscape Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 46 USD
  Ree Hotel   Siem Reap 46 USD
  Saem Siemreap Hotel   Siem Reap 46 USD
  Tara Angkor Hotel   Siem Reap 46 USD
  Bunwin Residence   Siem Reap 47 USD
  Hotel Somadevi Angkor Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 48 USD
  Patio Hotel & Urban Resort   Phnom Penh 48 USD
  Angkor Century Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 49 USD
  Angkor Sayana Hotel & Spa   Siem Reap 49 USD
  Karavansara Retreat and Residences   Siem Reap 49 USD
  Bougainvillier Hotel   Phnom Penh 53 USD
  Apsara Holiday Hotel   Siem Reap 54 USD
  Moon Julie Hotel   Sihanoukville Province 54 USD
  Prince D Angkor Hotel And Spa   Siem Reap 54 USD
  Suorkear Boutique Hotel & Spa   Siem Reap 56 USD
  Villa Kiara Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 56 USD
  Anik Villa Hotel   Phnom Penh 57 USD
  Orient DAngkor Hotel   Siem Reap 57 USD
  Manhattan Siem Reap Villa   Siem Reap 58 USD
  Riverside Suites   Phnom Penh 58 USD
  Sokha Club Hotel   Phnom Penh 61 USD
  Skyline Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 62 USD
  Teav Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 62 USD
  King Grand Suites Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 63 USD
  Majestic Oriental Hotel   Siem Reap 63 USD
  Memoire d Angkor Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 63 USD
  The Frangipani Royal Palace Hotel & Spa   Phnom Penh 63 USD
  Bunwin Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 64 USD
  Juliana Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 66 USD
  The Quay Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 67 USD
  Golden Sea Beach Hotel   Sihanoukville Province 70 USD
  Imperial Garden Villa and Hotel   Phnom Penh 72 USD
  The Samar Villas & Spa Resort   Siem Reap 72 USD
  Three Room dAngkor Boutique   Siem Reap 76 USD
  Le Blanc Boutique Hotel   Phnom Penh 79 USD
  Hotel Cambodiana   Phnom Penh 82 USD
  Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 83 USD
  Best Western Suites And Sweet Resort Angkor   Siem Reap 86 USD
  FCC Angkor Boutique Hotel   Siem Reap 90 USD
  Dara Airport Hotel   Phnom Penh 94 USD
  Independence Hotel Sihanoukville   Sihanoukville Province 94 USD
  Angkor Village Hotel   Siem Reap 103 USD
  Boutique Indochine Hotel and Spa   Siem Reap 106 USD
  Sojourn Boutique Villas   Siem Reap 107 USD
  Nita by Vo   Siem Reap 128 USD
  Sokha Beach Resort & Spa   Sihanoukville Province 133 USD
  Angkor Village Resort   Siem Reap 139 USD
  Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 147 USD
  Shinta Mani Resort   Siem Reap 161 USD
  Grand Diamond City Hotel & Casino   Poipet 166 USD
  Shinta Mani Club   Siem Reap 169 USD
  Knai Bang Chatt   Kep 176 USD
  Sala Lodges   Siem Reap 246 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Mystery Hotel Siem Reap - 5 Star located in Nation Road No6 and easy access to the citys   Siem Reap 40 USD
  Sokhalay Angkor Villa Resort   Siem Reap 49 USD
  Angkor Miracle Reflection Club   Siem Reap 52 USD
  Sokhalay Angkor Executive and Spa   Siem Reap 54 USD
  Empress Residence Resort and Spa   Siem Reap 61 USD
  Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 64 USD
  Angkor Era Hotel   Siem Reap 67 USD
  The Governor House Colonial Hotel   Phnom Penh 67 USD
  Borei Angkor Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 71 USD
  Royal Angkor Resort and Spa   Siem Reap 75 USD
  Mystery Hotel Siem Reap - 5 Star hotel in the heart of the city just 10 min to market & pub street   Siem Reap 79 USD
  NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex   Phnom Penh 87 USD
  Grand Soluxe Angkor Palace Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 89 USD
  Sokha Angkor Resort   Siem Reap 105 USD
  Himawari Hotel Apartments   Phnom Penh 107 USD
  Angkor Howard Hotel   Siem Reap 112 USD
  Le Meridien Angkor   Siem Reap 118 USD
  Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 124 USD
  Sofitel Angkor Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort   Siem Reap 126 USD
  Heritage Suite Hotel   Siem Reap 138 USD
  Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra   Phnom Penh 146 USD
  Anantara Angkor Resort & Spa   Siem Reap 176 USD
  Raffles Hotel Le Royal   Phnom Penh 186 USD
  The Privilege Floor   Siem Reap 187 USD
  Raffles Grand Hotel D Angkor   Siem Reap 242 USD
  Palace Residence & Villa Siem Reap   Siem Reap 304 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Golden Bayon Guesthouse   Siem Reap 13 USD
  Lucky Star Hotel Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 13 USD
  Ancient Angkor Villa   Siem Reap 22 USD
  Manor House Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh 34 USD
  River Palace Hotel   Phnom Penh 45 USD
  Chateau dAngkor La Residence   Siem Reap 69 USD

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