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Cambodia is a relatively new holiday destination and many of its customs, dimensions, dishes, travel arrangements and much else is a mystery to newcomers. It's certainly worth reading up on it to gain insightful knowledge. 

Cambodia Airports Cambodia Airports

Cambodia is a favourite holiday destination for millions of people each year and most visitors fly into the country. Cambodia's airports have undergone many improvements. Read More...

Cambodia Fast Facts

Cambodia in a nutshell: Available English-language newspapers, Cambodian currency, Cambodian demographics, travel tips in and around Phnom Penh.  Read More...

Cambodia Festivals & Events Cambodia Festivals & Events

There are a total of 13 Public Holidays in Cambodia ranging from harvest festivities, rain-making ceremonies to religious observations. Government offices are closed on these days. Read More...

Cambodia Visa

Where and how get your visa for Cambodia.  

Cambodia Weather Cambodia Weather

Cambodia has a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. There are two seasons in Cambodia. The northeast monsoon season runs from December through April, bringing sunny, dry weather especially in January and February. The rains come when the winds shift into the southwest monsoon from May to November, with the most precipitation in the months of September and October. Read More...


Talking Khmer

Easy Khmer Phrases
Hello Suosday
Goodbye Lea heuy
How are you? Sok sabai chea tay?
What's your name? Nayak chmooa away?
Do you speak English? Teu nak niyeay phea sar anglei tay?
Please Som
Thank you Aakoon
Yes Baat (male)/ Chaa (female)
No Otay
Sorry Sohm toh
How much does it cost? Tlai poonmaan
Go Dto
Stop Choop sun

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