Cambodia Activities

What to Do in Cambodia

Cambodia is a treasure trove of activities. From balloon riding above the temples of Angkor to horse riding in the lush countryside to snorkeling off Sihanoukville in the tropical waters of the Gulf of Thailand the choice is yours; and what a choice! 

Battambang Activities

Battambang is somewhat of an ode to French Colonialism. The city lies in the heart of the Northwest and until the war years was the leading rice-producing province of the country. Read More...

Phnom Penh Activities Phnom Penh Activities

As a capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh has a lot to offer the tourist. Here are some ideas of how much fun one can have in the capital.  Read More...

Siem Reap Activities

Siem Reap is very close to the ancient city of Angkor, which attracts roughly half of all the visitors to Cambodia, so it is well supplied with good restaurants and accommodation.  Read More...

Sihanoukville Activities

Considered by many as Southeast Asia’s next top beach resort, Sihanoukville attracts travelers, especially those who are looking for a destination with a lovely, unspoiled coastline.  Read More...


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Cambodia Activities
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