Angkor Village Resort, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Angkor Village Resort

The Spa

Spa Village

Nestled int the shade of "Angkor Village Resort",our "Spa Village" is the heven of relaxtion and serenity that will revitalize you after an adventurous day at the temples.

Single or couple rooms exquisitely decorated with open-air showers and whirlpool Jacuzzis are at your disposal for an unforgettable experience in the hands of our therapists.

As a Basic element of spa therapy is detoxification, we carefully choose our essential oils, body lotions, salts, black mud, and other treatment product, to insure their quality and efficiency.

Twinkle Toes Massage

30 min.

Soothes away the feeling of fatigue and jet lag

Refresbring Massage

60 min.

Relax tense muscles and returns blood circulation

Volcanic Stone Massage

90 min.

Disperses their heat deep inside your muscles

Engergizing Facial

60 min.

Smoothes away the small wrinkles of mature skin

Botanicial Bath

30 min.

Let your tensions melt away in a perfumed jacuzzi

Detox Body Scrub

45 min.

Stimulates circulation and purifies your body

Pampering Body Wrap

60 min.

Tightens the skin and prevents sun damage

Purifying Mud Wrap

60 min.

Tone and firms the skin. and eases arthritic pain

Tandem Package

3h, 30 min.

Relax and be pampered, beside your loved one

Angkor Village Signature

4h, 45 min.

Revitalizes you totally, mind and body