Angkor Era Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Angkor Era Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia


This luxurious five-star hotel personifies the voice of an era founded by powerful Khmer kings. Not only are the designs intricately fashioned after ancient royal architecture, our facilities are meticulously arranged to propitiate our guests like royalties.

Savor a true taste of Angkor hospitality at our hotel and be pampered by kingly cordiality.

The Angkorian Era began in the ninth century in 802 C.E., when king Jayavarman II declared himself as a god-king; the supreme sovereign of the Khmer people.

Angkorian architects and sculptors created the temples in direct reflection of the cosmic world.

Khmer decorations drew inspiration from religion and mythical creatures from ancient mythology. Every detail was designed and built in accordance to the rules of ancient Khmer architecture that ensure longevity and good fortune.

Here at the Angkor Era Hotel, we strive to recreate the good omens and spice them up with unsurpassed hospitality to ensure that our guests deserve royalty pampering and leave us lingering to return for more.

Angkor Era Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Separated bedroom and living room. All amenities are hand picked and harmoniously arranged inside the suite. Highest quality materials and the finest fabrics are used to enhance the sense of sophistication, state of the art technology and elegance. The final touch is given in the oversized bathroom featuring its own Jacuzzi.

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Newly refurbished 1 bed room and 1 living room convergence designed in a colonial-antique setting. In-room amenities are pre-selected and exclusively designed to match the classic modern look-ambiance of the past Cambodian era dating back before the Khmer Rouge time. This room is perfect for discerning travelers seeking for adventure. Read More...

Siem Reap’s first of its kind spacious room with unique traditional Khmer design with a touch of modern amenities plus other value-added services all for the comfort of the traveling families. The exclusive accessories in these suites include 3 separated bathrooms, 3 flat screen TV’s, 2 bed room & 1 living room Read More...

Offering the ultimate in style and comfort our Business Suites provide spacious living areas and a full line of luxury business amenities and services. The exclusive accessories in these suites include 2 separated bathrooms, two flat screen TV’s, oversized work area and high speed Internet access.

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